Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP) New York

We are happy to announce that we have been selected by Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP) to be fellows in their outstanding programs. “IFP fosters a vibrant and sustainable independent storytelling community, represents a growing network of 10,000 storytellers around the world, and plays a key role in developing 350 new feature and documentary works each year.” This is our upcoming schedule:

IFP Labs: Time Warner Foundation Completion Lab: May 22 – 26
 The first module of the Filmmaker Labs gathers all Lab Fellows for an intensive five-day program focusing on the nuts-and- bolts of finishing your film. Led by a variety of industry experts, the workshops in the Completion Lab cover topics such as editing, color correction, sound design, deliverables, and more.

 IFP Week: September 15 – 20
 All Lab Fellows are invited to IFP Week, where projects take meetings with relevant distributors, sales agents, funders, and festival programmers as part of the Project Forum.

Marketing & Distribution Lab: Fall 2018
 In the final module of the Filmmaker Labs, Fellows are asked to present their plans for the marketing and distribution of their films. Each presentation is led by an industry expert who provides specific feedback on each presentation.

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