A Machine to Live In – Exclusive Teaser

Above is exclusive footage from A Machine to Live In, a transmedia project about the history of highly controlled modernist planning in Brazil and radical projects in cult and mystical architecture that emerged in the hinterlands. The project’s attention radiates outward from Niemeyer and Costa’s capital, Brasília, to the flourishing landscape of UFO cults, pyramids, monuments, and futurist projects. A Machine to Live In attempts to locate where the desires for myth and reason sublimates in the building of utopian spaces. It collects vignettes and stories from architects and builders as they describe their ideal cities, both real and transcendent.

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  1 comment for “A Machine to Live In – Exclusive Teaser

  1. Ryan Wolff
    July 29, 2016 at 5:56 pm

    God this looks freakin awesome

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